Student Facilities

Facilities for You to Enjoy

A wide range of student services exists to help you during your time at LCC. LCC provides an invaluable source of advice and support which is available to all students of the college.

Computing and Internet Facilities

London Churchill College has both dedicated instructional computing facilities and plenty of designated Internet browsing PCs for all students. Hi-speed dedicated broadband connections are available for internet access for all students. In addition to this, the campus also offers free wi-fi hotspots for students.

Welfare Advice

The student advisor provides impartial and confidential information and advice on all aspects of student welfare. Areas of expertise include: finance, budgeting and hardship, visas and immigration, special needs, accommodation and welfare benefits.

Library Facilities

The College has its own library that provides all texts, further readings and up-to-date editions of all basic textbooks. We also provide academic journals for advanced research in relevant fields and access to core textbooks through an online library. Students can borrow books from the College Library for a certain time. The local libraries are only a few steps away from the College, and we also help students become a member of other excellent libraries in London for further reference.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)-study 24/7

The College has installed the virtual learning environment (VLE) to facilitate lecturers and students to exchange academic documents. Each student will be issued with a password and will be given free space to upload relevant documents onto his personal space. Using the password access, a student can download all academic documents (e.g.- lecture notes, unit handbook, programme handbook, student handbook, past question paper, assignment specification) from the VLE site. This facilities are available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Teaching Facilities and Resources

LCC has whiteboards, overhead projectors, portable multimedia projectors and flip charts available in classrooms for teaching purposes. There are computer labs, browsing labs, large classrooms (75+ students), medium classrooms (30+ students) and small classrooms.

Photocopying/Printing Facility

Number of photocopiers/printers are available for students to use, and any relevant academic documents (within copyright license regulations) can currently be copied at the cost of 5p per page. Hand-outs may be provided to the students as appropriate without any cost during the class time.

Pastoral Support

The College helps students in need with pastoral support. Each student is allocated with a personal tutor who can help students with academic need. In addition to this there are a number of students advisor who supports students in any administrative or academic need.

London Churchill College applies different teaching methods as it suits to the courses and modules. Teaching methods are indicated when modules will be supplied to the students. Modules are supplied by the course teachers. Methods include: Class lectures, two-way communications, group discussions, case studies and projects. Teachers take some quiz, hourly tests, mid-terms and final exams. Teachers will allocate some time in a week other than class hour for one-to-one discussions. This is arranged by the students in discussion with the concerned teacher. In some courses there are report writings and report presentations. Students will have to defend what they produced, how they produced them, the methodology used and output obtained.

Students’ Canteen/Cafeteria

Facilities are in place for snacks, fruit juices and soft drinks. A vending machine that serves snacks and drinks at a subsidised rate and a kitchenette equipped with a microwave oven and hot water supplies are available. A number of healthy sandwich bars and restaurants are available less than five minutes’ walk from the college.

 Banking Services

The College provides necessary documents and support for the students to obtain local bank accounts.

Career Advice

Students are given advice on their choice of courses and guidance in their future career. Career guidance is provided by specialists in the field; head of the department and by the industrial coordinators. Student’s welfare department may also help the students to search part-time jobs to support them during the study period.

Tour Service

London is only two hours away from mainland of Europe. Depending on demand, the College arranges for student trips (including visas if necessary) to travel to the historical places in the UK and Europe.

All student supports are available on online/remote arrangements