Policies and Procedures for Student

  1. Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure
  2. Academic Misconduct Policy
  3. Annual Monitoring Policy
  4. Attendance Policy
  5. Collaborative Partnerships Policy
  6. Brand Advocate Policy
  7. College Provision Review Policy
  8. Equality and Diversity Policy
  9. External Speaker and Events Policy
  10. Learning Teaching & Assessment Policy and Strategy
  11. Management of Prayer and Multi-Faith Facilities Policy
  12. Mitigating Circumstance Policy and Procedure
  13. Personal Tutoring and Enabling Student Development Policy
  14. Programme Closure Policy
  15. Prevent Policy
  16. Programme Design and Development Policy
  17. Programme Modification Policy
  18. Progression and Completion Policy
  19. Public Information Policy
  20. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy and Procedure
  21. Recruitment, Selection and Admissions Policy
  22. Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure
  23. Complaints Policy and Procedure
  24. Student Support and Reasonable Adjustments Policy
  25. Whistleblowing Policy
  26. Work Experience Policy
  27. Data Protection Policy
  28. Tuition Fee and Refund Policy
  29. Learning Resource Centre and IT Using Policy
  30. Recording Lectures Policy
  31. Staff Malpractice Policy
  32. Freedom of Speech Policy and Code of Practice
  33. Suspension of Studies Policy
  34. Adverse Occurrence Policy
  35. Withdrawal Of Studies Policy
  36. Quality Cycle
  37. Student Welfare Policy
  38. Compensation Policy
  39. Academic Freedom Policy
  40. Conflict of Interest Policy
  41. Distance Learning & Assessment Policy
  42. Learning Resources Centre and IT Using Guide
  43. Safeguarding and Security Policy
  44. Student Engagement Policy