Mission Statement

Mission Statement and key Strategic Aims

The College is focussed on work in east London providing opportunity for skills and personal development which might otherwise be little catered for. So the College‘s mission remains as:


We provide the highest quality learning opportunities that meet the specific needs of our students and which promote and enhance self-confidence, develop personal achievement and an enterprising outlook to maximise employability.

Based on the College’s mission, key Strategic Aims have been agreed for the college to:

  1. encourage the widest possible participation of students both formally and informally, in education, leading to progression into employment or Higher Education, through fostering a culture of student employability, and continually seeking to expand our student numbers and our offering
  2. develop a sustainable University partnership leading to the acquisition of Taught Degree Awarding Powers
  3. create teaching resources that achieve effective and efficient learning, including investing in staff and facilities to deliver the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) at a high standard and engage fully with students by ensuring full attention is given to the student voice
  4. enhance the management of resources efficiently and effectively and develop internal quality measures which mirror national metrics and provide the information needed for academic and administrative staff to measure performance
  5. achieve annual operating surpluses year-on-year.