Journal of Contemporary Development & Management Studies

London Churchill College’s Journal of Contemporary Development & Management Studies(JCD&MS) (ISSN 2052-6797) publishes theoretical and empirical research contributions for scholars and practitioners in the business field. It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience, information and ideas among academics, professionals, policy and decision-makers, executives and students to improve the mutual understanding of the contemporary development and management issues both locally and internationally. Manuscripts are submitted to a double-blind referee process. In addition to manuscripts, the journal publishes invited papers by authors with a topic of special concern. JCD&MS invites manuscripts in Management, including disciplines of Strategy, Marketing Theory (i.e. retail, services), Hospitality Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Health and Social Care and experiences in related fields. Contributions are encouraged from both experienced authors and those writing an academic paper for the first time.


  1. LCC Journal Volume 5 Number 2 Winter 2017
  2. LCC Journal Volume 5 Number 1 Summer 2017
  3. LCC Journal Volume 4 Number 1 Winter 2016
  4. LCC Journal Volume 2 Number 2 2014
  5. LCC Journal Volume 2 Number 1 2013
  6. LCC Journal Volume 1 Number 2 2012
  7. LCC Journal Volume 1 Number 1 2011


  1. LCC Newsletter August, 2013 issue
  2. Churchill Chronicle
  3. LCC Chronicle, March 2014

Call for Papers:

Are you interested in writing an academic article?  Being published?

You are welcome to submit an article at any time for our next issue (6:1), which will be published in Summer 2018 (general theme ‘Education’).
Call for Papers issued in March 2018.