College Oversight Board (COB)

Terms of Reference

The College Oversight Board has external oversight on the College’s operational functions, specifically Corporate Governance, Business Standards and Ethics and overall Business oversight. Additionally, the Articles of Association delegated the power to maintain academic standards and manage learning opportunities to the Academic Board and the College Oversight Board (COB) reviews these academic standards and opportunities.  It currently has 6 external Non-Executive Members bringing differing expertise to the Board. The current (2020) members are:

Non-Executive Members
Gerry Takamura (Student Support Specialist), Chair
Graham Morrell (Business Specialist), Vice Chair
Professor Frank Haddleton (Academic Quality Specialist)
Neil Pearce (Business and Hospitality Management Specialist)
Gerry Takamura (Student Support Specialist)
Professor Stephen Hyde (Finance Specialist)
June Dennis (Marketing and Academic Management Specialist)
2 Student Representatives

Non-voting members
LCC Principal
LCC Company Secretary
LCC Chair of Board of Directors
Secretary to the Board

The COB meets 4 times per year and recommends to the BoD on of College governance and development of the College strategies, plus any matter put before it by the Academic Board and/or Principal’s Executive Group. It acts as a resource for the Board of Directors.

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