OFS Accounts Direction

Staff Costs

The number of staff with a basic salary of over £100,000 per annum, broken down into
bands of £5,000 excluding staff who joined or left part-way through a year.

Basic Salary Year Ending 2017
£100,000-£104,999 £0.00
£105,000-£109,999 £0.00
£110,000-£114,999 £0.00
£115,000 + £0.00

Total remuneration package for the Principal:

Remuneration Year Ending 2017
Basic pay £26,861.00
Dividend £0.00
Performance related pay £8000.00
Pension contribution £0.00
Other benefits/remuneration £0.00
Total £34,861.00

Relationship Remuneration of the Principal and other staff:

The Principal’s basic salary is 1.12 times the average pay of staff, where the average pay is calculated on a full-time equivalent basis for the salaries paid by the College to its staff.


In accordance with sector guidance, London Churchill College publishes its Annual Account for external and internal stakeholders. The recent reports can be found below.


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