About London Churchill College

London Churchill College is a modestly sized college situated in East London. It was registered in England and Wales in 2006 and since its inception our focus has been to provide education that matters to the students. What draws aspiring learners to our college, despite its small but perfectly formed structure, is the effort the college puts into student care. At London Churchill College students are given full support for their education on several levels. From academic and administrative support to welfare and patronal support, our goal is to ensure that students do not only have an excelling academic standard, but a positive student experience at our proud institution well.

For the quality of teaching at London Churchill College, we have been granted endorsement and partnerships from some of the country’s best educational bodies, such as Pearson, the Institute of Leadership and Management, and many more. The quality and standard of our management and educational organisation as a whole have been consecutively approved by quality assessment agencies such as Matrix Standard, and others.

With a team of academics and administrators dedicated to student care, combined with a high standard of educational facilities, London Churchill College is a constantly growing education institution that has been attracting prospective learners in ever-increasing numbers.